Daily cleaning

Daily cleaning must meet the need for perfect cleanliness in order to achieve not only a visually clean appearance, but also a hygienically impeccable state.
Cleaning ladies and auxiliary staff from the Invekta Company are organized and equipped by current European standards and the quality of the performed service meets the strictest hygiene criteria in every segment.
The advantages of hiring the company:

  • Trained cleaning ladies that perform the daily cleaning using professional chemical products for various purposes
  • You do not need to waste money purchasing expensive machines, vacuum cleaners, duo carts and other equipment necessary for cleaning, because Invekta provides equipment for each cleaning lady.
  • Always clean premises (hygienically and visually)
  • You do not need to think about the distribution or procurement of consumables, because we are doing that for you.
  • You do not need to think about sick leaves, time off and annual leaves; we have already arranged all replacements.
  • You do not need to waste money on the person that deals with the work quality, employing and dismissing the workers, procurement of consumables and chemical products, hygienist’s tours after working hours, etc.
  • Always provided supervision of the performed work.
  • In a word, you do not need to think about hygiene, because we are doing that for you.

Cleaning services are performed according to the agreement, from daily cleaning to only cleaning when necessary. Used chemical products are exclusively intended for professional usage. All products are PH neutral. All used chemical products have ISO standard.