Education centre

As a result of the development of the market, the increase of competition and the tendency of quality growth of services for all our clients, the education centre was created.

We pay a special attention to all employees by upgrading their knowledge through training and education. In the non-managerial sector, we especially commit to the education of the personnel whose job involves the end user’s satisfaction. Education is conducted in order to educate the employees who maintain your space regarding which products to use, what is the reason for that, the advantages of a chemical product applied on a certain material, which products are antibacterial/ anti-allergic, where to apply them, what are the critical points, what material is used for removing some impurities, etc, and all that with the aim of achieving not only a visually clean space (including rugs, carpets and upholstery), but protecting you from various bacteria and microorganisms that cause some illnesses and allergies, as well.

The products, consumable materials and machines that we use during the training are the same as the ones that are used in performing the work in/on your facility. The chemical products we use are multipurpose and they meet ISO standards, as well as the standards of expert associations OCHM and OGHMP.