General cleaning

The combination of all cleaning could be subsumed under the heading “general cleaning”. Furthermore, daily cleaning combined with one of the cleaning services from the dropdown menu give outstanding results of general cleaning.

This service includes annual, semi-annual or other periodical intervals of regular general cleaning, according to the schedule arranged with a client. General cleaning includes the treatment of surface outside and inside the facility and it is usually conducted on the takeover of the facility (entering a new space, opening a new facility, maintaining a satisfactory cleanliness level of a facility during a period, etc).

General cleaning, according to the nature of the work, is performed several times a year, depending on the service you wish to be done and the budget you have at disposal for that type of cleaning. The aim of conducting general cleaning is the removal of bulky waste and small impurities, as well as complete facility disinfecting, the extension of the material duration and providing adequate hygiene in the facility where you or employees spend time. Moreover, it provides adequate atmosphere before entering a building or office facility and raises the productivity level of employees by their satisfaction with the interior and the hygiene in the facility.