Machine cleaning of hard floors

Machine cleaning of hard floors in offices is classified under a separate group of heavy cleanings.  Traces of grease on hard flooring in production halls, paint residues in manufacturing and training facilities, layers of sticky dirt in warehouses, forklift traces, iodine-stained hospital streets and other similar things we have dealt with during the years are just a segment of what we are able to accomplish by machine cleaning of hard floors. In that way, we create a more beautiful and acceptable picture for employees and their guests, colleagues, clients, patients, etc.

When the time comes that daily cleaning cannot achieve the necessary effect due to the frequent movements of people in shopping centres, the production in two or three shifts must not come to a halt, issuing goods in large warehouses works from 8h to 20h and similar things that comprise your job, then hard floors machine cleaning comes into action. The effect of a shiny floor, clean not only visually, but hygienically as well, that cannot be achieved solely by daily cleaning, especially on hard flooring, is possible to be accomplished by machine treatment (*) of hard floors.
The experience that is behind us, new technology, latest machines, high quality and trained personnel guarantee impeccable cleanliness of your flooring. This is an effective floor treatment that removes all kinds of dirt and impurities leaving the floor clean and shiny.

Machine washing and cleaning of hard floors, combined with daily cleaning, gives the best results. Call our advisor and discover the advantages of combining the machine cleaning and daily cleaning.

(*) Machine treatment of hard flooring – Machine cleaning, polishing, impregnation, crystallization, depending on the hard flooring you have and the effect you want to achieve.

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