Cleaning and polishing of hard floors

All floors, regardless of their type, require adequate cleaning, polishing and proper care in order to increase their visual effect and prolong the duration of the floor covering. In this section, we can offer you machine cleaning, polishing, crystallization and impregnation, depending on the hard flooring you have:
Laminate, parquet, marble, granite, granite ceramics, glazed and unglazed tiles, klingerit, antistatic, PVC, rubber, linoleum, terrazzo, etc.

This is a very effective treatment that removes all kinds of dirt and impurities from your floor, regardless of the frequenting, starting from facilities and offices to grease removing from halls, workshops or forklift traces in large factory complexes.

Further floor treatments, crystallization or polishing achieve high gloss that gives your space a glamorous appearance. The polish is extremely durable with a brilliant wet gloss and it has UL standard for slip resistance.

The knowledge of our well-trained employees and a wide range of machines and chemical products guarantee high gloss on any hard surface.