Security services

The strategic role and the main aim of security is smooth and efficient functioning, ensuring maximum security and the protection of people, property and operations, as well as the development of optimum risk management strategy in order to minimize potential damage.

Services regarding the security jobs include the following:

  • Planning, organization, and realization of activities of physical and technical security of people and facilities belonging to the Ordering Party.
  • Technical security activities that include handling technical equipment at the Ordering Party, i.e. video surveillance system, alarm system, access control, connection systems and ramps, with the aim of performing the agreed tasks.
  • Providing support in the activities regarding people and facilities fire protection, in accordance with the Law on Fire Protection and other applicable regulations in the area of fire protection and the Fire Protection Plan applicable on the location of the Ordering Party.

Invekta shall appoint a person from its staff to perform the monitoring of the physical and technical security activities and a person to monitor the support in fire protection activities – the Head of Fire Protection Department.

If you entrust us with the security activities, Invekta commits to:

  • Make a detailed report where it will specify and elaborate the tactics of the service and define the specific requests of the Ordering Party.
  • Perform a periodic review of special psychophysical and health abilities of the persons engaged in performing the agreed activities and check if they have been convicted of a crime, at least once a year.
  • Provide uniforms and accreditation cards to the engaged persons in order to enable their easier recognition and identification;


Security services