Technical maintenance

Prevention is the most efficient way of providing long-lasting, high-quality facility functioning. The preventive maintenance and monitoring of the facility condition is the cheapest way of eliminating deficiencies. We can efficiently eliminate any deficiencies since technical equipment cannot function with maximum efficiency without maintenance.

Maintenance activities:

  • Risk estimation and recording
  • Maintenance activities including spare parts
  • Regular daily maintenance and equipment monitoring in the facility
  • Equipment optimization

Invekta has a team of qualified engineers completely trained for maintaining all your equipment according to the highest standards and within all quality and security regulations.

The experience has taught us that only the highest standards in technical maintenance, regarding both technical side and personnel, are acceptable on the competitive market. Apart from dedicated teams on the spot and support, Invekta has an extensive network of spare parts which enables us to perform even the most complicated repairs with no delays.

Combining the technical maintenance service with the cutting edge software technologies, we offer you superior service with all supporting documented materials and standards that further reflect on other areas of your operations (fire protection, lower property insurance premiums etc).

If you want to know about other benefits of this maintenance of property, call us and we will be happy to present you the benefits of doing business with us.

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