Waste management

The aim of this service is to provide and ensure the conditions for:

  • waste management in the way that does not endanger human health and the environment
  • the prevention of the generation of waste, especially by developing cleaner technologies and more rational use of natural resources, as well as the elimination of dangers of its harmful effect to human health and the environment
  • waste reusing and recycling, separation of secondary raw materials from waste and using waste as energy source
  • the remediation of unmanaged landfills
  • the monitoring of the condition of existing landfills
  • raising awareness on waste management

The manner of waste management

Waste management is performed in a manner that ensures minimum risk for endangering human health and the environment, by control and mitigation measures of:

  1. the pollution of water, air and land;
  2. the hazards to flora and fauna;
  3. the risks of the occurrence of accidences, explosions or fire;
  4. the negative impacts to landscapes and natural resources of special value;
  5. the level of noise and odours;

The waste management service is performed only in correlation with the services of facility hygiene maintenance and, by this synergy of services, we offer our clients benefits and the partner that they can rely on for any type of support and service.